Saving Money on Philadelphia Copiers

Philadelphia Copier: Saving Money

Saving money in Philadelphia can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes time for your business to select a copier. Not only do you have to decide the features that you will live with for the next several years, you will probably need to figure out which features you can live without entirely. For example, many businesses purchase a copier with an 11×17 scanning tray; however, this costly feature is frequently ignored.

This is where thinking ahead can really save you money. A copy machine that has a low ticket price will cost you a lot more than you think if you are doing a lot of printing every month. This is because there is a per-print rate, which is determined by the copier model. Do not be caught off guard with details like this. Some businesses intentionally purchase a more expensive model because their per-click price is usually lower than the price offered by a cheaper copier. This works only when the company’s printing volume is consistently high.

The third option is to pool together your resources with another business in Philadelphia. This can lower costs while providing each investor with access to the very best copier available.