Building Flexible Work Policy with Ricoh Pt.2

Which work policy suits you well? Employers have found that employees are as productive working from home as well as from the office. It indicates that there is no need for an office. It can significantly reduce real estate costs for the business. 

Different tools such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams allow employees to communicate and collaborate effectively and seamlessly as they would in their office. But some businesses still need offices, and for that, they have to consider the safety of their employees. 

With borderless work, your business has immediate access to all the talent available. All across the globe gig workers are willing to work from anywhere compared to working full time. Even if you have a location, you might have to go for borderless work for some of your employees.

Building flexibility in your work policy

You must develop a good policy for your flexible work strategy. But first, you have to get some input from your employees and see what they have to say about flexible work. 

You also have to identify how your people will work, connect, and communicate with one another for executing different processes. In these scenarios, you will have to define your expectations and set goals for them clearly. 

Be flexible about it because they are going through a change. It can directly impact their overall performance if you are forceful in your approach. Plan for the coming change and take your employees into your confidence about it. When everything is said and done, implementing the technology at your workplace will require a time of adjustment. 

Ricoh has developed copiers and printers to work in the new flexible environment. Focusing on communication, access, and security, they have paved the way for you to be successful in your endeavors.

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