Save money on color copying

Philadelphia, you don’t have to pay so much 

If you do a lot of color copying then you may have heard of the Xerox Colorqube line. These printers are great for high volume color printing environments. If you are looking at a Colorqube then there are a couple of things you should know first.

One of the ways that Xerox is able to keep color print costs low is through three tiered billing. Normally you are charged for black and white, or color prints. If you have a page that has any color then the whole page is counted as a color print. With three tiered billing there is a third category called useful color. This means that if you have a small amount of color, like a logo, you are charged closer to the cost of a black and white.

The Colorqubes can be pricey to start out with so they are right for everyone. If you print a lot of color though, this could save you big money.

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