To lease or rent?

Do you rent copiers in the Philadephia area?

If you don’t print all the time odds are that you rent a copier when the need arises. This seems like the best solution. These days it hardly needs to be stated that the economy is tight, and the obvious solution isn’t always the best. Leasing may actually make you dollar go farther.

  • How many pages do you print in a given month?
  • How many pages per minute do you need to print when you do print?
  • Do you require advanced features like stapling, hole punching, color, or tabloid?

After you’ve thought through those questions it may be worth looking to lease a copier. If you do enough printing in a month and you don’t need expensive advanced features then leasing might be a better way to go. Plus you get to have a copier around full time. If you need expensive features like stapling then renting might still be the best.

If you are trying to decide whether to lease or rent we’d love to help. Give us a call.