Ricoh C2051 in Philly

Reviewing the Ricoh Aficio C2051 in Philadelphia

The history of Ricoh stretches back to before WWII. This Japanese company has helped keep many companies in business for over fifty years, including those in Philadelphia. This experience is built-in to each product the company sells. The Ricoh Aficio C2051 is no different.


The speed of a copier is very important. The Aficio C2051 prints at 20 copies per minute, reducing the time spent working on the biggest projects. At this speed, the smallest jobs are a breeze. This copier also prints in glorious color or black and white, depending on the need.

The processor for the machine is lighting fast. Equipped with a 600 MHz processor, this is more of a computer than a copier. There are also 1.5 gigs of RAM and a 160 GB hard-drive installed as well.


This machine isn’t built out of cheap plastic. This product is meant to be used for years. Every piece of office equipment must be able to withstand the rigors of the work a day world, and this copier will survive with excellence.

A great product

Any business will be happy to buy this product. The features and the build quality are above par.