To Lease a Copier or to Buy a Copier??

Should a Philadelphia business purchase or lease a copier?

The old copier has broken down beyond repair. The office needs to copy and print and being without is causing workflow blockage. What is a business owner to do? Should the owner put out the money to buy a new copier, or show he lease? Every business owner must ask this question at one point in his career.

Should a Philadelphia business lease or purchase a copier?

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Leasing a copier can help a business in both the short and long-term. With a low initial cost, the monthly fee involved can include many types of services. The contract can cover maintenance, toner refills, paper, and other copier services. Leasing a copier in Philadelphia can help a business cut costs.

Even in the bustling town of Philly, purchasing a copier may be the way to go. A business that full owns a piece of equipment has full say over how that equipment is used. Sometimes information can be leaked out when a leased copier is returned. There is no chance of this happening with a fully purchased unit. There are also no monthly fees once the copier is paid off.

What copier options will your company choose? Give us a call so we can discuss your options.