Ricoh and the Remote Workforce

With the pandemic, how we used to work and where we worked has completely changed. Remote work has suddenly become a thing even if some workers return to their offices. With remote work, companies are now looking to manage even larger workforces.

But businesses have to make sure that their workers stay engaged while staying productive to keep the operations going forward and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Workflow best suited to a remote workforce

Remote workforces have to deal with one impediment, and that is paper. Any information on paper needs a workflow that can move that paper. Now, this cannot work well for a workforce spread all across the globe.

But the good thing is that extracting information from paper has become much simpler today. Paper-based work can be converted into a digital workflow using the right tools and technology. This way, teams can stay connected and collaborate. It also increases overall employee engagement.

Available solutions

Philadelphia Copier provides various Ricoh devices with solutions to optimize these workflows. We have a simple plan that integrates a few business tools for this optimization process.

The tools included are Microsoft Teams with 365, an Always Current Technology equipped Ricoh MFP coupled with Ricoh Smart Integration Solutions, and DocuWare.

Microsoft Teams with MS 365

Communication is critical, and it becomes even more vital when talking about remote teams. For best communication, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 are exceptional. The collaboration suite that Microsoft Teams provides ensures better remote collaboration between workers.

Integrated with Microsoft 365, this video conferencing tool becomes even more productive, as workers can share various types of documents across the globe without compromising communication.

It makes the entire world your office, and now you can sit anywhere and continue to make valuable contributions towards the workflows.

Ricoh MFP with Smart Integration Solutions

You can buy or lease quality Ricoh MFPs in Philadelphia at affordable rates, and these devices come with Smart Integration Solutions.

With this solution, you can conveniently digitize your documents by pressing a single button. It makes record retention, document storage, and security simpler and faster.

You won’t have to wait for the accounting department to process the files. Just send it to your MFP and get the correct frame with the correct file name. You won’t have to deal with any risks of your document ending up in the wrong hands.


Using this application, you can conveniently search and manage important employee information securely.  It allows you to edit, archive, and share different employee records and do all that with correct audit trails.

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