What is Ricoh’s Document Management System?

The Ricoh Document Management System is a useful tool for businesses to effectively handle remote work and digital workflows. It refers to how you file, retrieve, store, manage, secure and share your documents.

Every business does document management, but that doesn’t mean every business has a document management system in place. Document management deals with how you store your documents digitally and on paper. In the past, managing paper documents meant file cabinets, staples, folders, paperclips, etc.

Today, organizing your digital files is critical, and if you have many of these files, you have to store them properly, plus make sure that they are accessible.

This is where a document management system comes in. It is a digital storage space that everyone can access with identity authentication. All the files indexed and archived can be retrieved according to requirements. This integrates system reporting to guarantee compliance.

You might have come across Enterprise Content Management programs. These programs have more features, such as an integrated customer relationship management program and document lifecycle management. For example, the latter program allows you to manage how long a document should be kept.

The benefits of these document management systems concerning remote work are countless. These systems can significantly simplify remote work as you don’t have to manage any other databases. Since you don’t have to spend more time managing the documents and the programs do it for you, it improves your overall productivity.

With a secure workflow you don’t have to worry about data theft or any other privacy issues. Of course, as you manage everything digitally, it reduces the overall usage of paper, decreasing your overall costs and making your business more agile.

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