Budgeting for a Copier

What to think about when budgeting for a copier in Philadelphia

When buying a copier, every Philadelphia business shouldn’t under buy or over buy. Every company should have a budget when it comes to business machines and a copier is no exception. A copier isn’t just a machine that makes copies, it is a complex tool that can help or hinder the success of a business. Keep this in mind when purchasing or leasing a copier.

Several items must be considered when budgeting for a copier. What type of work will the copier be doing in the office? For example, will the machine have a high or low output per month? There is no reason to buy or lease a mammoth machine for a low output.

The real cost of a copier also much be considered. This isn’t just the initial price of the machine, but several other components as well. The four parts are as follows: The machine itself, the maintenance of the machine, the consumables that go in the machine (such as toner and paper,) and the cost to run the personnel cost.

A copier is a valuable part of every business. Make common sense choices when purchasing or leasing a machine. If you have any questions in Philadelphia, give us a call. Our expert staff would love to talk to you.