Never Fear: Ask Tough Questions

We have seen many customers concerned with offending their sales rep by looking for competitive quotes. However, if you do not look at competitive quotes, how do you know if you are receiving a great deal? Other customers will say that they do not have time to ask for quotes. You do not have time to see what you will be charged for? Aside from looking at quotes, there are other questions to ask your sales rep.

First, ask if the copier produces ozone. While most copiers do create ozone in smaller amounts, we have witnessed a few of the newer green models that do not. In addition, ask if installation will be included, and if not, how much they will add to the quote.

If you want to test their knowledge, ask how many PM calls you can expect given your workload. An expert company will not dodge these questions but give detailed answers. Also, they are essential questions to help you understand the full cost of your copier. With the right questions, you do not have to worry about jumping into a purchase blindly and feeling disappointed.