Examine Your Copier Company

During the struggling times, some copier companies bill their customers with less gracious charges. What do you have to watch out for?

First, check your bill for an annual uplift charge, which is a just because they can fee. Ask your copier rep why your costs are rising. In addition, check your bill for items charged more frequently than what you are being billed for in maintenance.

Never automatically renew when the period ends. You can use the difficult times to add some competition into the mix. Let the company know this. When times become tighter, companies must pursue a competitive edge if they will stay afloat. Finally, never assume that the company you chose keeps your best interests at heart. They should be showing you the most cost efficient copiers to run in the high-volume areas.

We live in a world where business provides its own set of challenges without a copier company that wants to soak you. Evaluate your billing occasionally to ensure that you have received realistic charges. Looking for a competitive copier quote in Philadelphia? We have the expertise to assist you. Give us a call!