Top Ways Copier Companies Frustrate Customers

After thinking about the most common complaints when a company switches copier providers, we decided to show customers the most common issues that can arise with a copier company.

The first issue we have seen is when the company overcharges the customer. They may have led customers to believe it is a great deal, but it gradually turned sour. You must watch to see that you will not be oversold or undersold. The right copier sales representative can find a happy-medium choice.

Our customers have also dealt with poor copier service, and that is the biggest complaint we have encountered. When you spend thousands of dollars on a copier, you do not want ongoing issues. To avoid this problem, look for a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee and will stand behind their products.

We have also run across people who complained about a new sales representative or dealing with a bad one. Did your old sales rep move on to greener pastures? In this situation, we advise customers to have everything put in writing ahead of time. This guarantees continued fair procedures. Sometimes you have unwritten contracts with a great rep, but when that one leaves, the new one does not understand these things. Getting it in writing protects you and increases your chances of receiving the same services.