Print Audit Helps Clients Save Money

aficiompc2051Why It’s Exciting: The Print Audit Insight Dashboard

The Print Audit Insight Dashboard is definitely worth looking at. What makes this a great product? First, you will have an overview for the types of printers that are being used the most. Let’s say you have a printer fleet of 30, but a lot of them are older, and they do not have networking or other capabilities. Using the information found on the Print Audit Insight Dashboard, you will discover the best course of action for printing.

Second, you can target specific devices and learn about which ones have the highest print volumes. Have you ever been curious about the amount of volume printed on your laser printers? With this system, you can learn about how many color pages you produce every year, and you can see the number of pages that were printed from emails. Using this information, you can learn where to cut costs. Especially as a business owner, you want to save money wherever possible.

Are you under an MPS plan? Typically, you will be charged between seven to nine cents per page. In the majority of cases with printing an email, you print a color logo, which will use color on your toner, and you will be charged the color rate. Learning this, you can set a rule that states all emails will be printed in black and white.