Effective Copier, Not always a Sexy One!

The time to search for a new copier approaches, and you have the phone in hand to call your past sales rep. He did bring you donuts every Friday night for a few months, after all, so he must be a great person, right? Right?

While it is true that your sales rep might be a great guy, never throw out the possibility that he has a less honest motive. Here are some signs that you might have been sold on a sexy copier, rather than an effective one.

First, your sales representative sold you a tabloid capable copier. It tacks on an extra $3,000. Your sales representative knows this. About 97 percent of copies made were intended for letter/legal paper, so did you need a tabloid capable copier?

Second, he sold you a color copier when you did not need it. The cost of color is eight to 10 times higher than with a monochrome. Did you really need the color?

In addition, have your drivers been set to default on black and white? Did your sales rep mention this? If you want an honest quote and help from a seasoned professional, visit our copier business in Philadelphia.