Itemizing Your Philadelphia Copier Quote


Make That Annoying Philadelphia Copier Rep Itemize Your Quote!

You know how when you go to a restaurant or the grocery store you get a receipt that shows exactly what everything cost? It may even include discounts on those items. It makes it so that you can know if you see that same thing somewhere else for cheaper, you know, because it is itemized. What if the store gave you a total, but not what each thing cost? That would make shopping or eating there feel uncomfortable. That’s what Philadelphia copier companies do all the time though! They will offer smoking deals on equipment, and overcharge you on consumables. The importance of itemizing is crucial to getting a fair deal on your Philadelphia copier. Take into account these things that you may not think about as much:

  • Fusers that need replacement often
  • Transfer belts that work overtime and wear down
  • Imaging units aren’t always up to par long term

And you don’t know how much these things will cost you until they break–or you won’t be able to compare the prices initially on the common 13 Philadelphia copier consumables that wear out. Philadelphia copier sales machines will not like doing the itemized quote because that leaves them open to the competition. Itemize and realize true savings on your next Philadelphia copier transaction!