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When most customers are looking to buy a color copier, it seems there is a dilemma happening in their mind.  There are all the features, but they have rarely thought through which of the features in the color copier is the most important to them.

Buying a Color Copy Machine

Here are some common features you’ll need to consider when buying a color copier in Philadelphia:

  • Letter/Legal or Tabloid?  What is the biggest paper you’ll copy? How often do you do Tabloid?  Is this worth about $3,000?  This is the average price difference between a letter/legal and a tabloid color copier.
  • Print Quality – Does it just need to be business quality or should it be graphic designer quality?
  • Pages per Month — How many pages should this color copier be able to handle per month?
  • Brands — Any brands you love or want to stay away from?
  • Maintenance — What happens if you are down for an hour, for a week?

If you are looking for a color copier in Philadelphia, give us a call and we’ll help you walk through all of these different considerations so you can have the perfect color copier in Philadelphia!

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