How to Buy a Copier in Philadelphia

If you are on this page, it is likely you are looking for some good tricks or tips to make sure the copier you buy in Philadelphia is as good of a deal as possible for your company!  After all, we all realize companies who sell copiers need to make a profit, we just want to be treated fairly!  Here are some ways to make sure you are getting a great deal on copiers here in Philly!

  • Don’t buy a tabloid capable copier (11 X 17) unless you need to print and/or copy in Tabloid.
  • Don’t buy a color copier unless you need to print/copy in color
  • Don’t buy a copier without introducing a little competition
  • Listen to your gut, if you feel like you are getting ripped off, you probably are!
  • If you do a lot of tabloid, ask about click charges, is tabloid 2 or 1 click?
  • If you do a lot of color, look at your coverage and ask if there are charges relating to color coverage.

We hope this is helpful in getting you the best copier deal in Philly, really we believe, the best way is to pick up the phone and just give us a call for your Philadelphia copier needs!

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