Copiers vs MFP’s in Philadelphia

Copier or MFP?

Philadelphia Copier MFP vs. Printer MFP
It is important to know there are two types of MFPs in Philadelphia: copier based MFP’s and printer based MFP’s. Both have evolved from different initial technologies. However, at this stage, much of their functionality has crossed paths. They both have similar functionality of printing, scanning, networking, copying, and faxing, and major hardware manufacturers have their feet in both.

There are key differences however – from a maintenance perspective , copier based MFP’s tend to have regular service contract built into their purchase, whereas a printer MFP tends to be end-user managed.

In terms of cost, copier MFP’s have a higher initial equipment cost. However, printer MFP’s generally have higher replacement costs, and generally come with a higher ‘click cost’ after a certain volume of pages.

Finally, when it comes to physical footprint, printer MFP’s tend to be more compact, though they miss out on additional accessories and features of Philadelphia copier MFP’s such as professional grade booklet creation or ledger sized prints.

With these distinctions in mind, you can make the best decision on which type of MFP best fits your organizational needs.