Don’t Be Tricked by Stat Geeks!

Philadelphia Copier Machines — Beyond the Stats

When purchasing a copier it is important to look beyond the statistics provided by the manufacturer. Different real-world scenarios provide different stresses for copying and printing that your Philadelphia copier service firm can help you discover. Many of these conditions are:

  • How many pages can the copier print without coming to a halt?
  • How is the printer able to handle multitasking of copier, fax, and print jobs simultaneously?
  • How durable is the device after a certain number of months or years?
  • How long does the machine function under real-life conditions before it starts exhibiting symptoms of wear and tear?
  • How gracefully does the printer handle stoppage? If the copier is bottlenecked by paper jam for instance, does it immediately stop functioning or does it continue to spin its wheels, so to speak?
  • How reliable are the built-in administrative and diagnostic tools?
  • How reliable is the manufacturer and how durable are its replacement parts?

These questions are not easily gleaned from the manufacturer’s documentation, but a Philadelphia copier firm can provide thorough answers to the above concerns.