Copier Click charges in Philly

Adding up one click at a time!

Philadelphia Copiers: Click Costs

The subject of copier costs can be somewhat difficult to understand. A tag price does not indicate the full cost of operating a Philadelphia copy machine. The click price, as well as other features, may contribute to the real cost of ownership. In addition to these factors, there is also the option of renting. Rental machines also vary in their total cost because of the variable costs for each click on different machines. This is especially true for color copiers.

Although there are many variables involved in selecting a machine, the following formula may help you assess the value of a given copier in Philadelphia:

• Take an inventory of how many copies you expect to need every month
• Divide the total price by the number of clicks done per month
• Divide this number by the total number of months on your payment plan

This formula will allow you to plug in a wide variety of numbers in order to assess which machine is the best fit for your particular needs. Performing a few calculations on Philadelphia copiers can provide a healthy reality check!