Xerox Colorqube Weaknesses

Colorqube Wax Blocks – Why it Smears

Do you have a quote in your hand for a Xerox Colorqube copier in Philadelphia?  If you do, you may want to be aware of some of the weaknesses associated with this copier.  First of all, if you plan to print envelopes, the copier does smear on the envelope surface.  It can be an issue if your image really matters.  Another weakness of the product is the huge power draw.  For a copier that claims to be so environmentally efficient, the Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302 and the Colorqube 9303 use a lot more power than you might expect.

During it’s standby time it uses 350 kw of electricity.  In 3 Hours it is a kwh.  If your kwh rates are about $.10 per… you are going to spend about $25 a month on just power.  We have some other options that you may want to look at in the Ricoh family.