Printing Workflow

Ricoh-MP-C2051Many offices seem to fall into one of two categories. Either every desk has a printer or there is one printer/copier to share and a long waiting line. It is important to figure out the correct balance of printers and copiers.

Start by surveying your employees to see how many copies and what kinds of copies they make each day. This will tell you who needs a scanner, printer or copier. Find out how many copies are tabloid, if any. Sources indicate that 2% of copies are tabloid. Only people making tabloid copies need access to a tabloid capable machine. It is generally cheaper to print on a printer rather than a copier, so don’t plan on eradicating all printers. Most people don’t need a printer on their desk unless special conditions apply but you also don’t want employees to stray far from their work spaces and lose valuable time making copy trips. Let us help you strike the best balance. Our Philadelphia company specializes in Ricoh and HP products so call us today!