Troubleshooting Your Copier

Copier Troubleshooting: What to Do Next

When something happens to your copier, pay close attention to the error messages because they indicate the source of the problem. While you may need to troubleshoot further if you receive a non-specific message, you can isolate the problem to solve it. When it comes to printer problems there are four common categories:

  • System Level
  • Application Specific
  • Element Specific
  • File Specific

Once you have determined the category, you can narrow down the problems. For example, a system-level error will occur with more than one application. To combat this problem, keep your print drivers updated. Application specific errors occur with a single application, and you can solve this issue through reinstalling the application. With a file-specific error, it will occur if you have the wrong print settings or if the file has been damaged. An element specific problem occurs with specific pages or elements. If you have ruled out a damaged file, the issue probably relates to memory issues. You can solve this by printing each element individually or in smaller groups. When these solutions do not work, call a certified technician to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.