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Copiers: We Sell Value

As salespeople, we have all been told that we sell solutions. At our Philadelphia establishment, we sell quality Ricoh copiers. Sometimes we hear customers say, “What’s the difference? They all do the same thing: copy, fax, print, scan and email.” However, they do not all do the same thing. You have to consider the customer service that you will receiveafter the sale! We show great concern for the customer even after the sale has taken place.

In addition, we sell value to our customer. If it does not solve the customer’s problem, we are not interested in providing it. This takes place even after the sale has occurred. In some cases, people talk about a less-than-reputable salesperson who did not consider value when selling. They did not look at the needs of the customer. At our company, in the city of brotherly love, we will never do that to our customers.

Oftentimes, we will first understand the needs of our customers before we try to sell them a solution. From our point of view, this leads to long-term satisfaction, and it becomes a great business strategy because the return rate of our customers is exceptionally high.

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