Avoid Raised Contract Rates

One of the worst things that can happen when signing a long-term lease is to think you are getting charged one thing but over time see that you are paying much more than you thought you needed it. That is because many copier leasing companies want to raise rates or charge a variety of fees during your contract that can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over the years if you are not looking closely.

One of the most common ways companies do this is by adding a provision in the contract that says that they can raise contract rates after 2 years of the contract. Many people skim over this part, and even though you can expect rates to rise with inflation, some contracts can rates raised as high as 12% after year two.

This percentage may not seem like a lot on a month to month view, but at the end of the five year contract you could be paying an extra $700 or more

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a year than you were when you first started leasing the copier!

Many leasing companies say that they only “can” raise the price, not that they “will,” but as they are also in the business of making money it’s rare that they don’t take advantage of this provision if it’s signed into your lease.

At Philadelphia copiers we can help catch these extra provisions before you get yourself into something you can’t get yourself out of. If you negotiate correctly you can have this provision removed completely from your contract, saving your business over $1000 over the years of your contact.

Don’t like leasing companies sneak this into your contact, and be careful to make sure you are avoiding raised contract rates to ensure your copier does not cost you more than it has to.