Does Your Network Have True Security?

safetyMost people do not doubt that technology continues to improve the manner through which we live our lives. However, the new advancements do not come without their own share of threats and problems. For example, what have you done to protect the data and information on your network in the event of a disaster? Some of the problems that could affect your business include: Burglary Natural Disaster Power Surge You have to take a proactive approach to managing these threats if you will remain successful against the problem because we have seen an increasing level of danger. You should also take measures to secure the hard drive on your copier. What a lot of people do not realize is that copiers will contain sensitive information of anything that has been copied onto it: social security numbers, banking information and credit card numbers could all be vulnerable to this threat. If you have a copier with a network, cyber criminals could hack into your network and steal the information off your hard drive. This is why proper protocol becomes so essential. Even small businesses can become a target to hackers, and in fact, they have often been targeted more because they have fewer security measures in place. If you are interested in learning more about, call us for further information.