Overview of the MP C6502

copier3Are you looking to excel in the field of laser copier production? With the Ricoh MP C6502, you can print around 65 pages per minute, and you can print, scan, copy and fax your documents as needed. The 1200 x 4800 dpi will give you a maximum print resolution, and you have a highly impressive paper capacity of around 8,100 pages. There is also 640 GB hard drive disk space to guarantee the best capabilities. The warm up time of the MP C6502 is 50 seconds, and you will get your first copy out after 5.3 seconds. In color, you will produce your first copy after 7.2 seconds.

The paper capacity of the MP C6502 sits at around 1,250 sheet, and you can add another tray with 1,250 sheets. Finally, you can put 550 sheets in your other two trays, which equates to a maximum paper size of 3,700 sheets in capacity. The duplex capabilities of this copier come as the standard, and you have a document server that will store as many as 3,000 documents with 2,000 pages at the maximum. With the MP C6502, you can print in the standard size, and you can also print in tabloid with 11″ x 17″.

Excel has laser-sharp production capabilities, and you will realize the performance potential as you go along. The MP C6502 has cutting edge laser technology that produces documents in exceptional color, and you can also print at higher volumes. With the flexible and high-volume output, you can take full advantage of this copier’s capabilities, and there is a wide range of paper choices.