Copier Manager or Managed Print Services

There are essentially two trains of thought when it comes to managing your copier costs. You can either choose someone in your office to be a copier manager, or you can work with a managed print services company. They are both good options if you are not doing anything to manage costs, but you need to choose the right option for your business.

  1. Choose a copier manager. This is the cheaper option and usually the better choice for smaller businesses. You should chose someone who already works for your company to do this job. They should be good at staying organized, working with a budget, and finding patterns. You want them to be the first line of defense if you need help and they should be looking for ways to save you money. They should be your first line of defense if anything goes wrong and they should be able to tell you where all your money is going when it comes to your copier expenses.
  2. Work with a managed print services company. This is going to be a costlier option but is better for larger businesses. A managed print services company will be able to track everything that happens with your copier. They will be able to give you a detailed report on all your spending, waste, money saving options, and more. This is the best way to have everything covered that happens within your copier.

Either option can be a great way to help you save on your copier costs. Many people don’t think that they can save so much just be looking to their copier costs. There is usually more to your copier expenses than you realize. Choosing a way to manage your copier costs can help you save money that you didn’t even know you were spending. All you have to do is decide if you want a copier manager or to work with a managed print services provider.