Using Color Copiers to Replace Color Printers

Avoid Common Mistakes with Color Printing!

Using Your Color Copier To Reduce the Cost of Your Color Printers

You just bought a new color copier to lower the costs of your color printers. Take these steps right away to keep your color copier as inexpensive as possible.

1. Set Your Print Default to Black and White

If you don’t set your copier to print using the “use black ink only” option, your copier will print out composite gray prints that will count as a color print, and cost the same money as a color print. You can fix this through the driver defaults.

You will need to set this option for everyone or on the server to use only black ink by default across the board.

2. Check Your Documents Before You Sign a Contract

How much color coverage do you have in your contract? Do you have a lot of color coverage or only a little? If you have a lot of color coverage, DON’T sign a lease that says they will charge you for color at a higher rate if you exceed 20% color coverage.

If it’s spot color, you might want to consider using a low-cost color printer that you can get away with printing for only $0.03 per print.

3. Don’t Pay for Scans

If you pay for scans in any way (or at least more than $0.0015 per scan) you’re getting scammed. Never pay for scans at the color print rate.

4. Print Black and White Whenever Possible

Train users to do the same. Inform them that color prints cost 10x as much as black and white prints.

5. Train Yourself on Tools to Manage Your Color Exposure

Copier manufacturers will include tools to help you manage color costs and exposure. Make sure you know what they are and how to use them.

Some copiers allow you to block some users from making color prints. Others provide reporting tools so you can see who is using color and how much they’re using.

6. Ask If Your Color Costs Can Be Cut in Half

If your copier’s historical average is less than 10% for color coverage, you might be able to reduce your color costs this way.

Follow these steps to slash your color print pricing for your copier.

If you don’t take these steps, you will lose hundreds of dollars on color prints that would’ve been black and white on your old copier. Take the time you need to make sure you set everything up correctly, and you will stop handing free money to the copier leasing companies.