Is A Philadelphia Copier Lease Good For You?

Hand Shaking On A Philadelphia Copier Lease? Read This Beforehand.

A question I find comes up often when discussing Philadelphia copier leases is should I or shouldn’t I? There are definitely pros and cons with everything to do with leasing a Philadelphia copier. Here are some benefits:

  • Not as much money up front and out of pocket
  • There are tax advantages in many cases
  • Newer equipment is nice to have in your office

But here are a few of the drawbacks of a Philadelphia copier lease:

  • You’re stuck in a lease, and can’t usually get cheaper service and supplies
  • You have to pay to ship it back at the end most times
  • You end up paying more over the life of the Philadelphia copier lease in most cases

So you can see that there are a lot of things to factor in to the important decision to lease a Philadelphia copier and no one way is best for everyone. If you need any more information give us a call and we’ll help make Philadelphia copier leasing make a little more sense!