Tabloid And You: Is Your Philadelphia Copier Counting Them Once Or Twice?

Philadelphia Copier Making You Go Broke?

A Philadelphia copier can make all sorts of sounds, but the most important one in some cases is one that you don’t even hear called a click. Sure, there are lots of those, but this is the one that really counts on your Philadelphia copier! If you’re like a lot of companies today, the need for tabloid printing (“11×17”) is getting more and more popular for office signs, advertising, floor plans, you name it! What many purchasers and end users of your typical tabloid capable Philadelphia copier is that you may be getting charged nearly DOUBLE what you could be! How do I know?

  • If you print a lot of tabloid and it’s not on a Xerox look into it
  • Many Philadelphia copiers charge you “2 clicks” for tabloid
  • With a Xerox copier you could be just paying for just 1 sheet

It’s not a hard concept to grasp, but you would be amazed at how few people actually think about how much this could be charging them. They just pay it, file the invoice and never look at it again. Your Philadelphia copier could be becoming a money pit, one tabloid print at a time that’s charging you for two instead of one. The math is very easy–but avoiding the Philadelphia copier rep who sells you on this isn’t! Know what you’re paying for, and you can’t possibly go wrong.