Data Security And You: What’s Hiding In Your Philadelphia Copier

There's A Chance He'll Make It, And A Chance Your Data Is Secure On Your Philadelphia Copier

Does true security have a price? Most would say yes, but other disagree. A price that is hard to quantify and is different for everyone is involves personal information and data security. Did you know that inside almost every Philadelphia copier there is a hard drive? With all the restructuring of Philadelphia copiers with the economy, businesses buy and sell used copiers all the time–or send them back to the Philadelphia copier leasing company. What kind of printing and copying do you do at your workplace?

  • Print or copy SSN’s, DL’s, Bank Statements?
  • Have sensitive info like client profiles?
  • Process legal documents often?

The point is, ANYTHING can be on your Philadelphia copier hard drive, and it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to make it secure–your business and your information–could hang in the balance. An unsafe Philadelphia copier is a ticking time bomb in this age of identity theft! Don’t let your blow up–get the Philadelphia copier data security bomb squad in right away!