When Copier Sales get Frustrating

Sometimes it is frustrating selling copiers.  People can have odd notions about what they need, and regardless of what is best for them, they have decided they need something different.  It is America, so people are entitled to their own objectives.  Where it gets frustrating is when a customer really only needs a $1,000 copier and they insist on a huge copier when it isn’t necessary, then do everything they can to get the cost as low as possible.  This makes it so we can not make money, they spend way too much and they have the wrong technology in the first place.  It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if they said, yeah, we want to completely overspend and charge whatever you want.  This would be an ideal circumstance.  Our thought is we should quote what makes sense for the customer, when they refuse and push into something that makes sense for no one, it is a bummer for everyone involved.

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