Used Copiers in Philadelphia

A Used Copier Can be a Gamble or Great Deal!

Are you looking for a used copier in Philadelphia?  Often when people are looking for used copiers, they do so because they assume that a used copier will save them a ton of money.  This can be really true, but it can also be really false.  Here are some things to consider before you run out and buy that used copier!
Used Copier Benefits:
  • Usually they are cheaper up front
  • If copier works well, will be put under the same kinds of warranty programs from vendors
  • Proven technology

Used Copier Detriments:

  • If it is a used color copier, often supply levels are all over the board and the $ you’d normally save gets eaten up refreshing the consumables
  • It obviously will have a shorter life span than a new copier
  • Image quality is generally worse on a used copier than a new copier.

If you are looking for a new copier or a used copier in Philly, give us a call!