You may be putting your employees’ health at risk.

Keep your Philadelphia employees safe.

Have you heard of the term “VOC” yet? If not, then you probably don’t know that copiers can produce them. VOC is a term that stands for volatile organic compounds. Many copiers produce a VOC called ozone. You may have heard of ozone because its good for the stratosphere, but it isn’t so good for human lungs. Here are some of the effects of ozone according to WebMD.

  • Lung irritation and inflammation
  • Coughing, wheezing, and pain when a deep breath is taken
  • Permanent lung damage with repeated exposure
  • Asthma aggravation, higher chances of pneumonia, and decreased lung capacity

Clearly these are not good. If you want to see whether your copier is the type that gives off ozone then you need to ask “What is the cost of this copier’s corona wire?” If you find out that it’s included in the cost then your copier is an ozone producer. It’s wise to keep it away from the areas that people work.

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