Choice in Document Management

Consider this before settling on a doc management system in Philadelphia

If you are trying to find a good document management system that will easily integrate with your current office you’ve probably realized that there is a lot to consider. To help hone in on you choice you may want to think about the following.

What will your input method be? Are you going to have all the images scanned through a copier or at a workstation? What is your method to send the files to the correct place? We recommend have your files scanned in in batches at a workstation. This way, you only have to train one person to do it instead of the entire office.

You should also check out how you documents will be stored. It’s unfortunate, but document management businesses are failing all of the time. If you have all of your files stored in a format that won’t work with another system your taking a big risk.

If you have document management questions, or you want to make sure you aren’t making a mistake, feel free to call.