Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Fax Problems?

How to fix your 6400 ASAP in Philadelphia

Occasionally we get a call and someone is having problems with their Xerox Workcentre 6400 receiving faxes. The typical reason is that it has a “Junk Fax” feature that is on. Like email, your 6400 can make guesses about “junk” that it may be receiving and filter it. Here is how to disable, or enable the Junk Fax feature.

  1. On the copier’s control panel select the machine status button
  2. Select the tool tab, then the service settings tab, then go to embedded fax settings
  3. Go to incoming fax defaults and select junk fax prevention
  4. You may now enable the feature so you will only receive faxes from recognized numbers in the speed dial directory. You can also disable it to receive faxes from any number
  5. Save your settings.

This is something that we actually looked into for a customer, customer service is important to us. If you like that kind of attitude please call us when you buy your next copier.