Keeping Your Color Copier Costs Low

How to Keep Your Color Copier costs Low!

There is a big different between black and white copies and color copies. In Philadelphia, this difference in cost can make or break a struggling business. The difference can be as much as 10 or 20 cents. When a copying machine puts out 20,000 copies a year, the cost can total to over $2,000 dollars. That isn’t a small amount of money. There are some tips to help keep color copying costs down.

Be mindful of what is copied or printed

Not every project should use color ink. Any piece that is mostly text should use the black and white option to help keep costs down. If color is needed in a presentation, use a projector or computer screen instead. Any paper handouts can be in black and white. Color should be reserved for when it is necessary.

Scan and print with a printer

If there are very few copies needed, scan and print the product with a printer. A copier should only be used when a large volume of reproductions are needed. If you use the copier as an office printer as well, just be mindful of what is printed out.

Color can be used as a way to grab attention in an otherwise black and white document. However, use color sparingly to keep costs down. If you are in Philadelphia and have questions, give us a call.