Ricoh C2051 Overview

Ricoh-MP-C2051The Ricoh C2051 Color Copier continues to advance Ricoh’s long-term prominence in the copier industry. The C2051 has a notable “first-out” speed of just 6.4 seconds.

Scanning speed is another plus. This Ricoh color copier is capable of scanning 44 sheets per minute. Perhaps even more valuable in a typical active office is the “virtual file cabinet” function. The C2051 can scan 2000 documents and then make them available for reprints, re-faxing, and re-distribution at a later time. Efficient use of this feature alone can allow the Ricoh C2051 to pay for itself in many Philadelphia office environments. Treks to the copier are much-reduced, and the subsequent distribution of important documents to key individuals is a snap.

Standard paper capacity is 600 sheets, thanks to 100 sheet bypass capacity together with two 250-sheet trays. Potential capacity is a substantial 1600 sheets, thanks to an affordable “paper bank” that can easily be added later if the demands on the copier grow. A stapler finisher is another available option.

Standard auto duplexing saves time and money. In fact, in multi-user environments especially, it will be an essential copier feature for many.

The cost of consumables is modest, and the toner cartridges can be replaced quite easily. An analysis of the available features in relation to cost suggests that the C2051 color copier by Ricoh is an excellent value.