Ricoh Copiers in Philly

Philadelphia Copier Sales in Philly (Ricoh)

As a world leader in copier and printer technology, Ricoh is also taking the lead in green manufacturing processes. The company’s commitment to the environment began more than 30 years ago. Ricoh manufactures innovative products that are easier to recycle because of their unique configuration. The company can retrieve and reuse more parts for future use in new machines, which reduces the impact on landfills.

This eco-friendly mindset permeates all levels of the company even as it introduces new copier technology. The company’s product line includes the MP 3352, MP 2852 and MP 2352 Ricoh Aficio models. These multi-function copiers conserve energy while enabling your office to streamline workflow in a secure environment. The memory can hold up to 3,000 of your commonly used documents, which makes the information readily available to other people on the network. These machines can produce over 33 black and white pages per minute. You can modify the position of higher priority print jobs in the queue if necessary. The advanced document security features include encryption, overwriting, user codes and card-based authentication.

If you need more information on Ricoh’s impressive line of copiers, contact our Philadelphia area office. A member of our experienced staff can help you select a digital imaging system that meets your precise specifications.