Ricoh Copiers in Philly

Try the Aficio MP C300


The Ricoh Alficio MP C300 is a premium copier built for today’s small and medium businesses. The MP C300 is a multi-purpose machine equipped with a premium fax machine and scanner. The Ricoh Aficio MP C300 copies 32 sheets per minute and comes with a 160 GB document server which can hold up to 3000 documents. With a 550 sheet tray and an option to purchase 3 additional trays, the MP C300 is a flexible solution. The MP C 300 makes both 8.5X11 copies as well as 8X14.

The Ricoh Aficio can be fully integrated with office directories including LDAP or Active Directory. Administrators can easily place limits on users and groups in order to manage costs. The MP C300 easily integrates with your office technology and includes support for Adobe Postscript 3, standard PCL5c/6, and XPS. Users can even print PDF documents, without having to open each individual file. The Alficio MP C300 comes with a 250 page internal document finisher for making multi-page reports and brochures and is equipped with 50 page document feeder.

The MP C300 comes with a variety of security features including a secure login and scan to webmail with SSL. The hard drive overwritten after each job in order in order to encrypt critical data. Replacing toner on the Ricoh MP 300 takes less than a minute.

For more information about the Aficio MP C 300 give your local Ricoh representative a call today…and ask for a demonstration. Affordable, durable, and reliable the Aficio is a great solution for your office.