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So you have your heart set on getting a new copier/printer but you still have a working copier in the office. If you find yourself in this position, you are a good candidate for a trade-in program and Ricoh has one of the best.

The Ricoh Trade-in program allows you to trade in copiers from other manufacturers in exchange for either a cash rebate or a tax-deductible contribution of your still useful copier(s) to those in need.

The best thing about the Ricoh Trade-in program is that its easy to complete. Just go the website at:

At the website you can get a quote for the value of your existing copier. After that you will need to spend a few minutes filling out forms.

In order to conduct a Ricoh Trade-in you will need proof that you have title to your existing printer/copier machine. You will also need receipts or proof of purchase for your new Ricoh machine. After submitting these items will be sent a pre-paid shipping label and instructions for the packaging of your old machine.

A few days later your machine will be picked up and you can expect a rebate check within 45 days.

For those opting for the tax-deduction and charitable contribution instead, Ricoh works with the Christina Foundation, which distributes technology and conducts training for disadvantaged communities, disabled persons, and at-risk youth.

For more information on a new machine and trade-ins contact your Ricoh sales representative today.

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