HP in Philly – We can Help

Hewlett Packard: Philadelphia’s Copier

Hewlett Packard is the name to trust when it comes to Philadelphia copiers. Whether the need is for a small or large business or for personal use, HP has a copier to fit the bill.

HP carries many different types of copiers, such as the popular multi-function copier that will scan, copy, print, or fax depending upon the need. There are copiers meant specifically for printing or copying photos that leave the user with crisp, vibrant pictures.

Hewlett Packard has different sized copiers of various printing methods.

• Laser Print Copiers: This printer uses the method of electrostatic digital printing that is great for large jobs that need copies fast. Producing high quality and high quantity copies, it is the Philadelphia copier for businesses.

• Inkjet Printers: This copier uses ink cartridges and produces graphics and documents by producing “dots per inch” or DPI. Personal users and small businesses will find this printer will carry out tasks easily and economically.

Whether the copying need is large or small, Hewlett Packard copiers in Philadelphia are the brand to check out. From scanning to faxing jobs as well as the everyday copying and printing projects, personal and business needs will be met with Hewlett Packard together with great online support to meet the satisfaction of their customers.