Clean Your Copier

Keeping a copier clean is very important if you want your copier to function the way that it should for the time you have it and to make sure that it lasts a long time. You don’t want to just rely on the semi-regular visits from a technician to clean your copier. You should take certain steps to keep it clean.

Keeping a copier covered and turned off when it is not being used can keep a lot of dust from getting into the aficiompc2051machine and causing problems for your machine. Dust can cause copiers to jam and even breakdown over time. Putting a cheesecloth over the air intake will help keep dust out of the machine. Similarly, it is important to follow the instructions on replacing air filters.

Wiping the optic area with glass cleaner will keep the machine free of dust and grime and keeping a silica gel packet in the paper tray will keep the machine free of moisture. By being proactive and doing things like this, you will keep your machine working for a long time and in the way that you will want it to.

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