Is Used or New Best for You?

In the Philadelphia area it seems to be a misconception that used copiers are always cheaper than buying a new copier. This is due to the fact that used copiers are cheaper with their initial cost, but this can also be th-31pretty deceiving in terms of truly how expensive a copier will be for your business.

Buying a used copier is similar to buying a used car. If you find a car that has very few miles on it but it has also been mistreated for the lifetime of the vehicle, it will ultimately end up proving to be more of a drain on your finances than it is worth. Copiers that have been mistreated will ultimately cost their owners much more money in terms of maintaining it and those costly repairs that will have to make up for the lack of care they were given by their previous owners. It is important that you be able to find a used copier that has been well taken care of, or, you are just better off buying a new copier and taking care of it yourself.

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