Buying a Copier in Philadelphia

Buying a new copier/printer can be an important decision for your company. Here are some items to consider as you shop:


There are a lot of option for a business buying a copier in the Philadelphia area. A lot of companies have been trying to buy more refurbished copiers because they can be significantly cheaper than new copiers. They have belt-tighteninghad some parts replaced in order to meet new machine factory standards. this means that they will be up to the standards of a new machine but because they are built with used parts, they are better for the environment. It is also nice because if people are looking to get rid of their old copier, they can trade in their old copier for the parts and get a nice rebate.

A lot of new copiers come with affordable color copying but can also staple, fold, collating and booklet making. You should also consider if you need your new copier to be able to integrate existing office technologies. A lot of new copiers are able to integrate things like faxing and scanning.

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