A Clean Copier is a Happy Copier

Keeping your copier clean is crucial for having a copier that will function the way that it is supposed to for an extended amount of time. It will help the copier last for a long time and will ensure that you will have minimal th-31amount of problems while you own the copier. Here are a few things to do when trying to keep your copier clean:

If you keep the machine covered and turned off while it is not being used for extended periods of time will keep dust from getting into the inner workings of the copier and will reduce wear on the parts of the copier. Putting a cheesecloth over the air intake is also a good idea because it will keep dust out of the machine. It is also important to follow the included instructions when replacing the air filters.

If you keep the optic area with a glass cleaner this will keep grim from building up and if you keep silica gel packet in the paper tray this will keep the machine from getting any moisture in it.

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