Mobile Printing and Ricoh

bankruptcy-alternativesWe were just chatting to a copier buddy of ours in another state that was complaining that the Xerox copiers seemed to only want to print from tablet devices using a mobile print app that required the print job to first be sent to an Email address and then it could print.  The setting up of an email and then the lag time from the email service to communicating to the copier was killing this reseller and made us glad we sell the Ricoh brand as they have put substantial effort into their mobile print platform.  (We have heard Xerox is working hard to improve theirs, but is not where Ricoh is today)

If you have an office with a lot of different device types, some of which are BYO computers or tablets and you are looking for a new copier in Philly, you need to give our office a call.  We have great copiers that can connect easily to any computer, laptop or mobile device (including your cell phone)

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