Replace or Repair a Discontinued Copier in Philly?

Should You Replace Your Discontinued Copier in Philadelphia?

There’s a distinct difference between when you should consider purchasing a new copier and when some copier salesmen in Philadelphia believe you should purchase a new one. You may be surprised that you can still purchase parts and other components for your “discontinued” copier.

Copier manufacturers are required to continue making parts available for five years after they discontinue a certain model of copier. That means your three-year-old copier still has a minimum of two more years of life, even if it was discontinued the very day that you purchased it.

The typical copier salesman may try to hide this fact. They’ll cleverly state that your copier is discontinued, which means that there’s a possibility that the parts may be hard to find to fix it if that particular model was discontinued more than five years ago.

Another important thing to note is that you can use this when considering purchasing your next used copier. If that particular copier was discontinued three or four years ago, then you should likely stay away from it. You may end up purchasing a used copier in Philadelphia that costs you more than buying a new copier.