Are Small Fees Killing Your Bottom Line?

Miscellaneous fees concerning a leased printer can certainly be troubling to Philadelphia consumers. People believe they have signed up for one particular thing, but they find out that they signed up for another. People can protect themselves from these printer problems.

Begin by taking a closer to at the lease contract for the second year. There may be a contract rate increase that is in the lease agreement. While this can be normal and understandable, some leasing printer companies can charge up to a 12% rate increase. That new rate is extremely high. At the same time, a company or individual can do some things for protection. Begin by seeking to remove language that gives the possibility of raising rates each year. If that is not possible, seek to get a rate beforehand that is fair and low.

Some printing companies can try to take advantage of Philadelphia citizens and businesses by charging for “consumable install fees.” While these consumables are important, it does not take a printer technician to do them. Customers can install consumables in a brief amount of time. In addition to this, it is free.